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On January 1, 2022, we began this Gregorian year in Catalyzing energy. Now twenty 13-day periods later, we are cycling back around to experience its gifts again, this time with more awareness and, hopefully, feeling more powerful to make catalytic changes in our lives and in the world.

Catalyzing Earth Energy can feel like a bolt of lightning that cuts through the old as the new comes into being. We are perfectly aligned with Laarkmaa’s guidance that “now is the time to cut through our illusions and beliefs that no longer serve us and remove the blocks that keep us stuck. Most of us are already feeling the challenges that accompany a period of Catalyzing Earth Energy, each of us in our own way. The world is extremely toxic at this time because of 5G, Geochemical engineering, too many EMF fields, poisons sprayed on our food, and chemicals that are dumped into the water, the air, and the earth. So the call to become a catalysts ourselves is loud and clear; every choice we make (in our thoughts or in our actions) has repercussions. If we remove the blocks that keep us stuck, we are much more likely to appropriately respond to our environment and to others, becoming the catalysts for change ourselves.

!We experience an Equinox in the middle of this 13-day period, which always brings a seasonal change. If we choose to make changes of a more catalyzing nature, the energy of the next season will definitely be different. Let’s make it a positive difference together!

Catalyzing energy is about community, and we are all longing for a larger community where we can connect with each other in a more meaningful way and take back control of our own lives through the choices we make together. Moving toward that goal, we need to be mindful of how our thoughts, words, and actions affect everything on our precious planet. Our best use of this energy is to consider every challenge as an opportunity to create a parallel existence that is different and better than the old paradigm illusion. Nothing is impossible, and it is important that we remember that now. Becoming catalysts requires that we light the way for others through continual higher vibratory choices. The importance of removing blocks in our awareness has been stressed by our Pleiadian friends, as they encourage us to keep our hearts strong and open and continue our journey to becoming cosmic citizens.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


Laarkmaa is offering assistance during this very potent time to help everyone remove their unconscious blocks so that we can all move forward. You can get guidelines on how to request a personal session to receive their help here. You can look more deeply into the Pleiadian-Earth Energy system in the book Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology- Charting the Spirals of Consciousness and the accompanying Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar. The new 2023 Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar is now available! My Course on this amazing astrological system is available here. You can also explore your own energetic makeup with a personal Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrological Chart. Order your calendar and schedule your personal Pleiadian-Earth Energy reading today, during this special energy that supports Transcending our challenges!

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