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Today is 13 Remembering Energy, bringing us the energies of Integration (13) and the opportunity to Remember Who We Are (Remembering) on this evolutionary journey. We would do well to integrate all of our prior experiences and prepare to move forward as we step into 1 Loving Energy at sunset today for the next 13 days. Here on our planet of Duality, Loving Earth Energy brings both the dynamic tension necessary for change and the energy of unconditional love that makes Unity possible!

The greatest work we can do during this period is to focus upon responding with increased kindness and acceptance to people and life’s circumstances rather than emotionally reacting to what others or life bring us. It is high time that we move into acceptance of others rather than judging them for their choices, words, or actions. Following the integrative energy of 13 Remembering, we now have the potential to bring emotional harmony into everything we think, say, and do. This period brings us support for moving into the highest versions of ourselves.

All beings of love and light are surrounding our planet right now watching the choices we make and providing support for the evolutionary leap of consciousness that is now possible for the first time for humanity. Even our Sun and other planetary bodies are contributing to the energetic changes that are both possible and necessary for our species to evolve into the next level of awareness. Our sun is increasing the amount of Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs), sending more radiating light into our very cells. Other planetary bodies are aligning with Earth, creating a cosmic push for harmony, growth, and positive change. With such potent energies affecting us physically, mentally, and emotionally, it is extremely important that we allow proper rest as our bodies adjust to shifting from carbon-based forms into the more light-filled (liquid crystalline), higher vibrational bodies necessary for the Ascension process.

Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs or “Solar Flares”) carry positive protons that NASA states move into our planet at the speed of light. They have a strong ionizing effect, which is a penetrating, interfering type of radiation similar to the radiation received during medical x-rays where technicians wear protective lead vests. It can enter any physical form: buildings, airplanes, the human body, causing disruption in normal signals between airline pilots and ground crews OR between cells in our human bodies. But they also bring more light, filling our cells with the Sun’s gift of that light. Our job is to protect ourselves from “too much” light (radiation) too fast, and adjust to the changes our bodies are making to our new environment.

Because our magnetosphere has been severely damaged by 5-G satellites and geochemical engineering, it has been significantly depleted. This means that Earth’s protective barrier can no longer shield us from these disrupting effects, so it is up to us to protect ourselves and transcend the harmful effects as much as we can. (You can watch NOAH’s KP Index to see how our magnetosphere is or is not protecting us. Life thrives at readings between 2 and 3. Readings below or above that are damaging to all cellular life.)

Some excellent protections we can use as our bodies adapt and adjust to the new levels of light being delivered through incoming radiation are:

· Proper Rest;

· Maintaining feelings of acceptance and gratitude (rather than anger or frustration);

· Wearing or having the stones Shungite and/or Amber around us.

· Avoiding excessive exposure to 5G, cell phones, computers and tablets, medical radiation, and any other radiation producing technology.

During New and Full Moons, Eclipses, Equinoxes, and Solstices, cosmic denergies are heightened. Dr. Ali Schavi calls these periods “Galactic Activation Portals.” Laarkmaa calls them potentials for “Cosmic Pops” that offer opportunity for evolutionary leaps if we do our spiritual and shadow work. Much turbulence is arriving on our planet, as we are entering a period where many of these heightened energies are occurring simultaneously or in rapid succession.

Although Gregorian dates are never as accurate for cosmic weather as Pleiadian-Earth Energy dates, they help remind us of when we can expect opportunities for massive change. The Pleiadian-Earth Energies identify how we can use the arriving energies for our benefit. The choices we make during these energetic portals determine how we navigate our lives and move forward using the map provided by the universe. Here is a list of what we, as a species, are potentially going to experience this Spring:

March 7 1 Loving A period of dynamic tension

Moving us away from separation and closer to Unity;

Full Moon &

Saturn moves into Pisces bringing increased intuitive abilities, higher connections with the Universe, and a desire to correct everything that is out of balance.

March 21 2 Breathing Spring Equinox

March 23 4 Planting Pluto moves out of Capricorn into


March 25 6 Transcending Opportunities to achieve anything you want

March 26 7 Remembering Merging as We Remember Who We Are

April 20 6 Choosing Eclipse Season Begins:

New Moon & Solar Eclipse where new forms enter

April 21 7 Exploring Mercury Retrograde begins,

Providing opportunities to review & release old patterns

May 5 8 Remembering Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse,

Bringing emotional wounds to the surface to be healed and for

old energy, forms, and patterns to leave

May 15 5 Evolving Mercury Retrograde Review Ends

Opportunities for Real Change &


May 16 6 Self-Regulating Begins a 9-day portal of increased

Potential for transformation

May 24 1 Transcending Ability to transcend all that does not work and begin again

We have already been feeling the edges of these massive changes in February, so thinking about a potential increase in energetic movement can feel overwhelming.

On a physical level we have been experiencing extreme fatigue, interrupted sleep, swelling in hands and ankles, potent headaches or pressure in the head, dry, blurry eyes, and digestive disturbance. On the mental level we have been experiencing more forgetfulness and lack of motivation.

Emotionally–well, let’s just say there has been a lot to clear out, and the emotions have provided release valves for some long stored “stuff.” Perhaps it can help to think of the intense time we are about to enter as impending “labor” pains before the birth of ourselves into our new forms as the New Humans. After all, the divine feminine is leading the way for these changes, so isn’t the concept of a birth process appropriate for what we are experiencing?

As we prepare for energetic change, the best preparation we can ever make is to say very present in the NOW, for each choice we make in the now moment helps to co-create what comes next. Worry or planning for a future that does not yet exist is not powerful at all; our power is in our present moment choices. Today let us focus on integrating all of who we are and Remembering our highest potentials. We are powerful, divine sparks of light whose very thoughts can make a difference in what manifests in our lives and on our planets. So let us remember and step into the energies of unity and unconditional love as we move through the changes of Spring!

With kindness, compassion, and love,


To follow the Pleiadian-Earth energies as they arrive, get the 2023 Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar.

Laarkmaa is offering their help through individual, personal sessions during this very potent time to help everyone remove unconscious blocks and move forward. You can request a personal session to receive their help

You can get dietary support for the Ascension Diet from Pia (based on Pleiadian recommendations) to support cellular changes.

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