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What It Means to be a Lightworker

This week The Voice said to me, " Yes, Pia, I have been with you for a long time. I came back with you through the portal after you died in 2012. The message you are sharing with the world about being a light worker was my message to you in 2012. When you heard my call in June of 2016, I knew you were ready to walk with me and to share my messages. I thank you now for retrieving the things I have whispered in your ear and sharing them with the world. The time is now. I am The Voice."

In today's message The Voice explains that our physical bodies are conscious; they are the working ground for changing dark into light. The Voice tells us that it is through our bodies that we learn how the pain of separation through our thoughts and actions manifests in physical pain. Everything we create in the physical comes from how we process the energy of our thoughts. She reminds us

that it is a precious gift to have a body with which to work, and reminds us that the more we recognize this and work with gratitude, the quicker the changes will occur. She advises us to learn to work with the thoughts and words we use continually with light so that we take advantage of the gift of being in physical form. Listen to her entire message here.

"It is a precious gift to have a body with which to work, to have a conscious form that is willing to undergo such suffering in order to transmute denseness or darkness into light."

Watch the YouTube video here:

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